Architect Pitsou Kedem
Dan Troim Architect – Interior and Furniture Design

Pitsou Kedem is one of the most outstanding Israeli architects and responsible for exceptional modernistic private homes.
Kedem’s buildings arouse a sense of honor and glory. The planning is characterized by rare design, even though it is minimalistic.
The lines of the buildings are mostly straight and simple, but ingrained with festivity.
At Kedem, concrete is combined with wood to create personal meaning for terms like essence, light and space.

“You can be an architect for an entire lifetime and never find a project like Avigdor”.
When I was approached, I was simply asked to come and see the renovation site. The moment I entered, I felt the place is like a song. The smell, atmosphere and industrialism won me over. In my opinion, this space is very strong and deep. My goal was to preserve its facade and style, and to go with the existing lines. This building dictates a different concept of music, food and recreation. Nothing there can turn out expected and recognizable.
Sometimes you buy discs because of one hit that you know, but then after listening to it for weeks, you understand that the best song is actually the fifth. So Avigdor is this fifth song.
Not explosive and simplistic, but something deeper.

Dan Troim has designed different restaurants and branches of various food chains, such as The Dining Hall, Aroma branches in Warsaw and Moscow, Hinnawi’s Wine & More store in Jaffa, residential apartments and more.
His style combines warm, clean elements with exposure of raw materials.
The atmosphere always recalls places in capitals with an innovative urban culture. The style is intelligent, emotional, restrained, deep and clear.

“My style is also clean and minimalistic, like Pitsou’s. The difference between us is that he likes cleaner and I like “dirty”, in other words exposure of raw materials, like the original bricks of the building that we leave there.” Our strength in designing this venue is restraint.
We and our design are not the story here. The building is the story.

Avigdor defines new facts. 
It’s an unexpected place in a developing area and has something timeless and non-trendy.
It’s the East and not the West Village.